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Ft Imran
Jul 30, 2022
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National Taiwan University, on the one hand, I spent my energy studying the history of Western opera, and then I traveled to Europe to immerse myself in Western classical music and culture. Before going abroad, he was able to overcome the barrier of the first step towards opera, and began to understand how the public a hundred years ago placed their trust in the art of opera. The first time I actually saw an opera in person, in Venice, I got goosebumps all night, fingers curled up and grabbed the flyer. People are honestly ashamed in the face of highly refined and shocking art. This is true when watching a dance troupe performance, and naturally when watching an opera. After going through a history telemarketing list of Western history, I came back to National Taiwan University to attend "The Garden of Opera", and I have more comparisons and insights. I remember that during the spring and summer communication, the class invited Mr. Wei Haimin to sing "The Peony Pavilion; Soap Robe" in front of me. There was no music or appearance. It is astonishing to solve the math problem. It turns out that even though the media and performance forms of Western operas and oriental operas are very different, the consistency in aesthetics is so amazing. In the 17th century, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera and Opera gradually grew stronger in history. In the past, the loneliness that could not be squeezed out was relieved by the opera, and people were always willing to spend several hours of time shrinking in the theater to watch the play. However, that kind of empathy is too far from modern times, just as "The Peony Pavilion" was basically meaningless to me except for the narrative in high school textbooks. However, when the text is transformed into a drama, and the warmth of people is conveyed in front of me, it is through the performance in front of me that I understand the sincerity of Du Liniang and the courage of Liu Mengmei. Even if it's just watching a play, it's as if the love affair started together.
Before becoming a student of "Opera Garden" in the last semester of content media

Ft Imran

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